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As leading Contact Centre and Customer Experience Experts in the UK, we are dedicated to transforming how businesses engage with their customers.

We believe in speaking with genuine passion and listening with unparalleled skill, ensuring every customer interaction becomes a positive, memorable experience.

Our stats speak for themselves.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores


Average First-call Resolution Rates


Customer Engagement & Retention Rates

Why Choose Connect?

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any thriving business.

With rising customer expectations for prompt and efficient service, Connect offers a suite of specialised services tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, both large and small.

Connect Care: Enhancing customer relationships through dedicated support.

Connect Enquiries: Streamlining communication for faster, more efficient customer interactions.

Connect Skills: Empowering businesses with expert customer service training.

Connect Social: Engaging customers across digital platforms for lasting relationships.

It's not just about replying; it's about engaging meaningfully. Connect's approach to customer engagement communications has built trust and increased loyalty among our client base. An invaluable asset to any business!
Juggling hundreds of emails daily was overwhelming. Connect's expertise in email management has not only streamlined our inbox but also ensured every customer feels heard.
In this digital age, live chat can make or break your business. With Connect's exceptional chat management, our online visitors always leave satisfied, often converting into loyal customers.
Missed appointments and double bookings were once a nightmare for us. Thanks to Connect, our scheduling is now flawless, leading to more satisfied clients and efficient operations.
Consistency is key, and with Connect's contact centre services, we've achieved just that. Every call, every customer, always gets the same high-quality service.
Connect has transformed our engagement strategy. Their proactive communications have built a stronger bond with our customers, making them feel truly valued.
Having Connect manage our live chat has elevated our online presence. Immediate responses and professional handling have led to increased sales and happier customers. Highly recommended!
The efficiency and ease with which Connect handles appointment bookings have given us countless hours back. They've seamlessly integrated into our operations, making the process effortless for both our staff and clients.
"Ever since we partnered with Connect, our customer enquiries have been handled more professionally. Their contact centre services have not only improved our customer satisfaction, but also our brand's reputation. A game-changer for us!"

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