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Empowering Connections:
Enhancing Customer Experiences with Precision

At Connect, we're more than a contact centre — we're a hub of meaningful interactions.

Our mission revolves around people: our dedicated team, our valued clients, and the customers we engage with every day.

With a commitment to transforming enquiries into lasting customer relationships, Connect stands as a beacon of exceptional service, ensuring every interaction reflects the quality and care your business deserves.

Innovative Collaboration at Connect

Diving deep into the unique challenges and aspirations of our clients, Connect fosters a culture of collaboration, crafting bespoke solutions that not only enhance customer engagements but also propel business growth.

Our approach is tailored, personal, and impactful, aimed at creating experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

  • Tailored

    Leveraging diverse industry insights, our team crafts bespoke, innovative, pragmatic strategies, delivering real results.

  • Personal

    We design around your business and your customers, turning their feedback into experiences that set you apart.

  • Impactful

    Understanding our clients’ vision is paramount. We deeply engage with their teams to grasp their brand ethos and challenges. This collaboration ensures that the solutions we provide are aligned with their business objectives, fostering seamless integration.

Leadership Team

Welcome to the heart of our customer experience enterprise: our dedicated leadership team.

These are the visionaries and innovators driving our commitment to excellence, ensuring we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Each member of our leadership team is handpicked for their unparalleled expertise in customer experience and contact center operations. But it's not just about expertise; they're fervent believers in the transformative power of superior customer service, and they channel this passion into crafting strategies that put our clients and their customers at the forefront.

Jac Owen
Jac Owen
Managing Director

With over two decades in the customer experience industry, Jac has always been at the forefront of driving change and innovation. Under her leadership, Connect has grown from a small startup to a powerhouse in customer experience solutions. Jac believes that the key to unparalleled service lies in empowering the team, constant innovation, and upholding the principles of integrity and transparency.

Lauren Rathor
Lauren Rathor
Operations Co-Ordinator

Efficiency, precision, and adaptability are the pillars that Lauren brings to Connect. With a background in operations management and over 7 years in the industry, Lauren is adept at ensuring that all our processes, tools, and strategies align perfectly to deliver outstanding service. A tech enthusiast, she is always on the lookout for tools and innovations that can enhance our operations.

Melissa Ashworth
Melissa Ashworth
Training & Quality Co-Ordinator

Bringing a rich tapestry of skills, Mel is the brain behind our robust and evolving quality and training modules. With a background in customer care and over 10 years in the hospitality sector, Mel ensures that our team is always equipped with the latest skills, tools, and mindset to serve our clients. Passionate about continuous learning, Mel often says, "The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing."

Our Values

In the rapidly changing customer experience landscape, we understand the value of genuine interactions, seamless communication, and proactive solutions.

At the heart of our customer experience and contact centre business lies not just technology or metrics but the very people we serve and represent. With this in mind, we have anchored our services on four core values guiding every decision and interaction.

Together, these core values shape our identity, ensuring that each customer interaction is a testament to our commitment, passion, and drive to redefine excellence in the realm of customer experience


We believe in genuine interactions. In an age dominated by automation and scripts, our commitment remains to offer a human touch, ensuring our customers feel heard, understood, and valued.

This value compels us to foster trust by maintaining transparency in our processes and communicating with honesty and sincerity.


Putting ourselves in our customers' shoes is not a mere practice but a culture. We prioritie understanding the emotional and practical needs of every individual we serve.

Every training session and every strategy discussion emphasises the importance of compassionate listening and heartfelt responsiveness.


The world is evolving, and so are customer expectations. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and service paradigms, ensuring that our clients always experience the best and latest in customer service solutions.
‍We invest in continuous learning, research, and technology adaptation. Our teams are encouraged to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.


We understand that synergy produces results greater than the sum of individual efforts. By promoting a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility, we ensure every customer benefits from the collective expertise and dedication of our entire team.

Inter-departmental brainstorming sessions, shared success stories, and regular feedback loops are embedded in our operational model to guarantee unified goals and shared achievements.

Join Us

We're Always Searching for Fresh Talent!

In the rapidly evolving world of customer care, a company's greatest asset isn't just its innovative products or cutting-edge technology - it's the people behind the scenes who bring visions to life. At Connect, we recognise and celebrate this fundamental truth daily. That's why we're always looking for new team members who can infuse our ranks with fresh perspectives, diverse skill sets, and boundless enthusiasm.

Project Advisor

Advise and assist enquirers who are looking for help, advice and guidance across a range of services at Connect, including a care home placement for a family member, friend or themself via phone, email and web chat services.

It's not just about replying; it's about engaging meaningfully. Connect's approach to customer engagement communications has built trust and increased loyalty among our client base. An invaluable asset to any business!
Juggling hundreds of emails daily was overwhelming. Connect's expertise in email management has not only streamlined our inbox but also ensured every customer feels heard.
In this digital age, live chat can make or break your business. With Connect's exceptional chat management, our online visitors always leave satisfied, often converting into loyal customers.
Missed appointments and double bookings were once a nightmare for us. Thanks to Connect, our scheduling is now flawless, leading to more satisfied clients and efficient operations.
Consistency is key, and with Connect's contact centre services, we've achieved just that. Every call, every customer, always gets the same high-quality service.
Connect has transformed our engagement strategy. Their proactive communications have built a stronger bond with our customers, making them feel truly valued.
Having Connect manage our live chat has elevated our online presence. Immediate responses and professional handling have led to increased sales and happier customers. Highly recommended!
The efficiency and ease with which Connect handles appointment bookings have given us countless hours back. They've seamlessly integrated into our operations, making the process effortless for both our staff and clients.
"Ever since we partnered with Connect, our customer enquiries have been handled more professionally. Their contact centre services have not only improved our customer satisfaction, but also our brand's reputation. A game-changer for us!"

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