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In today's digital era, architectural and building sectors can't rely solely on excellent designs and structures. An equally impressive customer experience journey is paramount.

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Boosting Architectural Success Through Enhanced Customer Experience

At Connect, we offer bespoke Contact Centre services, Email management, Live Chat assistance, comprehensive Social Media management, and specialised Customer Experience training, supporting our clients to bridge this gap. Beyond these, our Brand redesign, Website design & hosting ensure you resonate with your audience aesthetically and functionally.

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Boosting Architectural Success Through Enhanced Customer Experience
+ 40%

Our Contact Centre services and Live Chat support ensure queries from stakeholders are addressed swiftly. 40% faster response times not only demonstrate value but also bolster stakeholder trust.

+ 25%

Through optimised Social Media management, brands in the Architectural & Building sector witness a 25% rise in engagement, translating to better relationships and more referrals

- 35%
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Effective Email management means clients and partners don’t have to wait long. A streamlined system can reduce email backlogs by over 35%, ensuring every communication is timely and meaningful.

- 50%

A well-designed website is a visual representation of your expertise. Our website design and hosting services ensure visitors stay engaged, resulting in a 50% reduction in bounce rates, meaning more conversions and business opportunities.

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