Navigating the legal landscape demands precision and professionalism.

As customer experience specialists, we understand that the Solicitor sector is unique, requiring tailored interactions that breed trust


Our portfolio offers comprehensive support, including Contact Centre services, Email management, Live Chat services, and proactive Social Media management.

Beyond these digital interfaces, we elevate brands through Customer Experience training, transformative Brand redesign, and intuitive Website design and hosting, ensuring solicitors stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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- 60%

By integrating our Contact Centre services and Email management, solicitors have witnessed a 60% decrease in client response times. Prompt communication not only fosters trust but also enhances the overall efficiency of legal operations.

+ 35%

Through our Live Chat and Social Media management, solicitors now engage with their clients in real time, increasing the immediacy of interactions by 35%. This has resulted in a significant increase in client satisfaction and more successful client conversions.

+ 50%

Our Brand redesign service harmonises a solicitor's image with their values, leading to 50% greater visibility and memorability in the market. This ensures that clients associate quality and trustworthiness with the brand at first glance.

+ 40%

A robust online presence is paramount in today's digital age. Our Website design and hosting solutions are tailored to the Solicitor sector, ensuring that potential clients find the information they seek effortlessly, leading to 40% higher engagement and conversions.

Live Chat

In an era where instant communication is the norm, our live chat service empowers your customers to engage with your brand in real time.

Our skilled agents are trained to provide quick and accurate responses, resolving issues and answering queries promptly. Live chat enhances customer convenience and can significantly reduce response times.

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Email Management

Email remains a vital channel for customer communication.

Connect's email management services streamline your email inbox, ensuring that enquiries, complaints, and feedback are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. We focus on providing consistent and personalised responses to nurture strong customer relationships.

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Marketing Insight

Understanding your customers' preferences and behaviour is crucial for effective marketing strategies.

We provide valuable marketing insights based on customer interactions and feedback, helping you refine your marketing campaigns and target your audience more effectively.

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Brochure Management

In today's digital age, the power of physical communication should not be underestimated, particularly for those who prefer physical literature, rather than digital communications.

Connect offers brochure, postcard and letter services that allow businesses to engage with customers on a more personal level. From personalised thank-you notes to essential notifications, our postal services bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, creating a lasting impression.

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Empowering and Training Your In-House Teams

Empowering your team with the skills to deliver exceptional customer service.

We believe that exceptional customer experiences start with well-trained employees. Connect offers comprehensive training programs that empower your customer service representatives to excel in their roles.

Tailored to your business, team and requirements, our bespoke training courses cover various aspects of delivering exceptional customer service, including effective communication, objection handling, and dealing with difficult calls.

By equipping your team with the right skills, we help you to deliver consistently outstanding service across each and every touch point.

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SMS Messages

In an age where everyone has a smartphone at their fingertips, SMS messages are a powerful tool for instant communication.

Connect offers SMS services that allow businesses to send time-sensitive alerts, promotions, and appointment reminders.

This quick and direct channel ensures that important messages aren't lost in crowded inboxes.

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Maintain Your Online Presence

Our comprehensive service is designed to enhance your visibility, engage your audience, and drive digital business growth. 

Our approach involves a strategic blend of content creation, brand consistency, active engagement, and data-driven optimisation tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

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Social Media Management

Designed with you in mind, our social media management services help you maintain an active and engaging social presence.

Perfect if you don’t have the time to dedicate to your social presence; we take the hassle out of deciding what to post, where to post and when to post!

We monitor your social platforms, respond to your customer enquiries and comments, and create compelling content to boost your brand’s visibility and reputation.

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It's not just about replying; it's about engaging meaningfully. Connect's approach to customer engagement communications has built trust and increased loyalty among our client base. An invaluable asset to any business!
Juggling hundreds of emails daily was overwhelming. Connect's expertise in email management has not only streamlined our inbox but also ensured every customer feels heard.
In this digital age, live chat can make or break your business. With Connect's exceptional chat management, our online visitors always leave satisfied, often converting into loyal customers.
Missed appointments and double bookings were once a nightmare for us. Thanks to Connect, our scheduling is now flawless, leading to more satisfied clients and efficient operations.
Consistency is key, and with Connect's contact centre services, we've achieved just that. Every call, every customer, always gets the same high-quality service.
Connect has transformed our engagement strategy. Their proactive communications have built a stronger bond with our customers, making them feel truly valued.
Having Connect manage our live chat has elevated our online presence. Immediate responses and professional handling have led to increased sales and happier customers. Highly recommended!
The efficiency and ease with which Connect handles appointment bookings have given us countless hours back. They've seamlessly integrated into our operations, making the process effortless for both our staff and clients.
"Ever since we partnered with Connect, our customer enquiries have been handled more professionally. Their contact centre services have not only improved our customer satisfaction, but also our brand's reputation. A game-changer for us!"

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