Navigating the legal landscape demands precision and professionalism. As customer experience specialists, we understand that the Solicitor sector is unique, requiring tailored interactions that breed trust

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Enhancing Solicitor Sector's Customer Experience: A Holistic Approach

Our portfolio offers comprehensive support, including Contact Centre services, Email management, Live Chat services, and proactive Social Media management. Beyond these digital interfaces, we elevate brands through Customer Experience training, transformative Brand redesign, and intuitive Website design and hosting, ensuring solicitors stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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Enhancing Solicitor Sector's Customer Experience: A Holistic Approach
- 60%

By integrating our Contact Centre services and Email management, solicitors have witnessed a 60% decrease in client response times. Prompt communication not only fosters trust but also enhances the overall efficiency of legal operations.

+ 35%

Through our Live Chat and Social Media management, solicitors now engage with their clients in real time, increasing the immediacy of interactions by 35%. This has resulted in a significant increase in client satisfaction and more successful client conversions.

+ 50%
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Our Brand redesign service harmonises a solicitor's image with their values, leading to 50% greater visibility and memorability in the market. This ensures that clients associate quality and trustworthiness with the brand at first glance.

+ 40%

A robust online presence is paramount in today's digital age. Our Website design and hosting solutions are tailored to the Solicitor sector, ensuring that potential clients find the information they seek effortlessly, leading to 40% higher engagement and conversions.

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