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In the rapidly changing world of Field Services Engineering, it is imperative to keep customers at the centre of operations.

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The Challenge

Our client faced multiple challenges, including limited customer support options with only phone inquiries, an inefficient booking system leading to scheduling issues, slow email responses, and a lack of proactive customer engagement between appointments.

The Outcome

Following the implementation of our solutions, significant improvements were observed. These included enhanced accessibility for customers through multiple contact points, a  reduction in scheduling conflicts thanks to a streamlined booking system, an increase in immediate query resolutions with the introduction of live chat, and a substantial boost in customer interaction outside of service appointments due to proactive engagement communications.


reduction in scheduling conflicts post the streamlined appointment system


increase in immediate query resolutions with live chat


increase in customer interaction due to proactive engagement strategies


Rapid response time, with 95% of emails answered within 24 hours.

Other Case Studies


Don't just take our work for it; here's what some of our wonderful customers have said recently.

Magnum Utilities

Consistency is key, and with Connect's contact centre services, we've achieved just that. Every call, every customer, always gets the same high-quality service.

Stuart C.
Toto Energy

Connect has transformed our engagement strategy. Their proactive communications have built a stronger bond with our customers, making them feel truly valued.

Elena D.
Usio Energy

In this digital age, live chat can make or break your business. With Connect's exceptional chat management, our online visitors always leave satisfied, often converting into loyal customers.

Leo T.
Utility Warehouse

The efficiency and ease with which Connect handles appointment bookings have given us countless hours back. They've seamlessly integrated into our operations, making the process effortless for both our staff and clients.

Gareth O.
Warmer Energy Services

Juggling hundreds of emails daily was overwhelming. Connect's expertise in email management has not only streamlined our inbox but also ensured every customer feels heard.

Vanessa K.

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